At GRANATOR we make 2D and 3D animations. They work wonders in commercial spots and music videos, as well as in innovative and comprehensible instructional videos or tutorials.

It pays off

Animation is an effective and desirable medium that will guarantee you your audience's attention with fewer expenses. It looks great and you will avoid paying for set costs and actors’ wages.


An animation uses a great deal of illustrations and layers that can be used again in your future projects, even in a different context. It can also be easily modified - if it contains outdated information we can easily adapt it without starting from scratch.

Nice and clear

Animations are simplifying advanced storytelling, making it easier to understand and remember.

3D mapping

Our offer also covers 3D mapping, i.e. multimedia projections. Screened on three dimensional objects within a city landscape, they attract crowds and are very innovative and effective form of advertising.

Let’s talk about your idea

We are happy to meet and discuss more about aims and purposes of motion graphics. Let’s consider which option will be the most effective for you. Get to know the possibilities awaiting you - it’s worth it.

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