We guarantee the highest quality of production and postproduction:

  • organising and managing film sets
  • assembling a team of professionals depending on a type of project
  • location scouting
  • postproduction

Our films have been screened on the festivals in Poland, Romania, Greece and the USA.

At GRANATOR we manage film production and post-production. We create short films, documentaries and video-art. We work as executive producers for fiction films as well as take part in coproductions. Our commissions, sets and co-creators stretch across all of Poland.


Our team is very experienced in practice as well as it is rooted in and familiar with the industry. This means that we have all tools available to become an excellent partner and subcontractor for all kinds of projects.

Join the team

We wish to maintain the collective spirit of our art team, therefore we are always ready to collaborate with creatives and technicians from each corner of Poland. We believe that every exchange of ideas and experiences is a great foundation for collaborations leading to unique pieces of work.

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