We guarantee the highest quality of production and postproduction:

  • organising and managing film sets
  • assembling a team of professionals depending on a type of project
  • location scouting
  • postproduction

Our films have been screened on the festivals in Poland, Romania, Greece and the USA.


The Burial

A short film about a Boy and a Girl who bury a chest in the forest. Construction begins at the place where the chest was buried. The main characters, trying to save a body locked in the chest, try to stop the construction, which results in them being suspected of murder.

  • The cast: Dominika Walo, Krystian Pesta, Piotr Cyrwus, Aleksander Kaźmierczak, Konrad Szymański
  • Director: Jerzy Czachowski
  • Producer: Filip Gawel
  • Film production: Granator Film

Compulsory Attendance

"Compulsory attendance" is a short experimental film by Adam Ziajski with one actor, whose presence is multiplied in his many characters. It consists of 12 independent film impressions in the form of an illustrated diary, which create a personal record of the experience of social isolation in the first weeks of the pandemic.

Film length: 25 minut

  • Director and screenwriter: Adam Ziajski
  • Main Role: Arti Grabowski
  • Producer: Adam Ziajski
  • Executive producers: Jerzy Czachowski, Filip Gawel


Queen Leokadia

A documentary reminiscent of the outstanding set designer and director Leokadia Serafinowicz.

Film length: 70 minutes

  • Director and screenwriter: Aga Błaszczak
  • Producers: Jerzy Czachowski, Filip Gawel

Still Life

A documentary about taxidermists - people who preserve the bodies of dead animals - also these considered extinct or endangered, in order to preserve tangible evidence of their existence.

Film length: 50 minutes

  • Director and screenwriter: Mateusz Buława
  • Producer: Filip Gawel
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