Pandemia / Pandemic

"Pandemic" is a poetic story about a young man, looking for his life direction, what make him confront with his own fears and desires. We want to invite the audience to start a conversation about sense and quality of life, when so many matters are only apparent.


This experimental video refers to the biblical abyss and shows impenetrable evil of the world, in the end of which there’s always an element of good.


“This world that we have now it’s a world of pretence, in which the sense community is disappearing.” – words of main character are resounding, when there’s a battle waging in his life between the sluggishness and the idea. Around Tadek lasts the ideological struggle but the most important one he has to fight with himself.


Wokół Tadka toczy się ideologiczny spór, a jednak ten najważniejszy bohater będzie musiał stoczyć sam ze sobą.“Ten świat, który mamy teraz, to świat pozoru, w którym zanika wspólnota“ - słowa głównego bohatera wybrzmiewają, kiedy w jego życiu trwa walka między ideą a marazmem.

Inspekcja / Inspection

A short film made for 48 Hour Film Project Wrocław 2015.

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